Jeff Goldblum Stars As ‘Terry Quattro’ In This Delightful New GE Commercial From Tim And Eric

Having played Chef Goldblum in Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie, Jeff Goldblum is no stranger to the Tim & Eric universe. But today it’s not Cinco, or the Schlaaang corporation he’s shilling for, it’s GE, who’ve hired Goldblum’s alter ego, Terry Quattro, to sell GE’s new GE Link connected LED bulb, a light bulb you can control with your smart phone. “Hello, is this light bulb? I’d like three large pepperoni pizzas, please, and stay away from my porn.”

The GE Link connected LED bulb enables anyone to remotely control their lighting from anywhere, anytime using just a smartphone and the Wink hub and app. Forgot to turn the lights off downstairs? Simply switch off lights from your smartphone without even getting out of bed. The GE Link bulb is available for just $14.97, which amounts to just 66 cents a year. Or, as Terry Quattro puts it, “For an embarrassingly small amount of money, you can kiss your horribly-lit, non-successful life goodbye!”

You can even create your own lighting themes and environments. I’m hoping one of them is “shrim.”

It’s a pretty cool product, and with it, GE says they’ve reinvented Thomas Edison’s light bulb. It’s something Edison might’ve thought up himself, if he hadn’t been so busy murdering elephants. For a limited time you can buy two bulbs and a Wink hub and save $30, and you don’t even have to tell them Grum sent you. This may be the first time I’ve based a purchasing decision on Jeff Goldblum since I bought that leather sportcoat and medallion he wore in Jurassic Park.

Question: better Tim and Eric name, “Terry Quattro” or “Seth Brundle?” Discuss.