John Cusack Continues To Slum It For Paychecks In The Trailer For ‘Reclaim’

“Once upon a time, John Cusack made some awesome movies,” I’ll tell my grandchildren one day before forcing them to watch One Crazy Summer and Grosse Pointe Blank instead of going to their Mandarin lessons at the state-run trade school that is sponsored by Monsanto and Walmart. Unfortunately, they won’t believe me, because Cusack’s IMDB page will have been littered with too many doozies at the end, and Hollywood, a nation of its own in what used to be known as Wyoming, will have completely scratched him and many other VOD all-stars from its records for the sake of returning the prestige to acting. It’s actually a lot nicer than it sounds.

In the meantime, here’s the new trailer for Reclaim, a straight-to-your-cable-box “thriller” that stars Cusack as a bad, bad man who runs a black market adoption agency that basically takes a ton of cash from Ryan Phillippe and an actress who looks like Debra Messing’s niece in exchange for a young Haitian girl to call their own. Except, TWIST! They steal the girl back and sell her to another family, because they’re criminals, you see.