John Travolta Turned Down ‘Flight’ Because Do You Even Fly, Bro?

Wax sculpture John Travolta, who seems like he says words like “potty” and “silly” even when he’s not talking to kids, recently claimed that he turned down the lead in Flight. Reports Contactmusic:

“The funny thing was it was written for me. But it was not written well enough yet—the plane stuff, not the character. I loved that he was an alcoholic and I loved his journey a lot. But the plane stuff was silly, from my perspective. Flying upside down—it’s a bit much. I just wanted those bits to get redone. I asked the writer, ‘Did you not ask a professional or someone who knew something?’ And he said, ‘I didn’t want any interference—I just wanted the screenplay done. To hell with that stuff!'”

Isn’t it normally the writer’s or director’s job to say for whom a part was written? Feels pretty douchey for Travolta to be like, “Ya, man, that movie was frickin’ made me for because I know a heck of a lot about flying. Too bad the writers didn’t realize they were dealin’ with the best of the best so I said Forget You Sissies and APPARENTLY FORGOT I STARRED ALONGSIDE MILEY CYRUS AS A TALKING F*CKING DOG.” Remember when you were in middle school, and you said “See you tomorrow!” to your friends on Friday? Then some jerk would sneer “TOMORROW’S SATURDAY!” That is John Travolta.

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