Johnny Depp’s Dogs Are Fleeing Australia On A Special Flight To Avoid Execution

You think Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ever get their fedoras mixed up?
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You think Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ever get their fedoras mixed up?

Earlier today I told you about Australia and their tough-talking ag minister, Barnaby Joyce, telling Johnny Depp that his Yorkies, Pistol and Boo, had to be out of the country by Saturday to avoid execution, on account of he never declared them and they weren’t subjected to the normal quarantine. What’s a super rich actor to do when he’s accidentally broken a law by flying his dogs into a foreign land on a private jet? Why, fly them out on a private jet, of course. They’re Johnny Depp’s dogs, they’re not poor people.

The Hollywood couple has reportedly notified the Agriculture Department they will fly out with Boo and Pistol tonight back to California. [9NewsAustralia]

TMZ has learned Boo and Pistol will be boarding a private jet back to U.S. soil within a few hours. The Friday afternoon departure, Aussie time … means they will not be euthanized on Saturday as the country’s Minister for Agriculture had threatened to do.

The dogs may be safe, but Johnny’s not out of hot water yet. The Minister tells us Depp will likely have to pay a hefty fine … and that’s getting off easy, because Pooch smuggling is punishable by up to 10 years in jail. [TMZ]

Eh, I bet he could talk them down to a booting. TMZ’s headline, by the way, was “JOHNNY DEPP DOGS BOARDING FLIGHT FOR LIFE.” Which seems a little dramatic. Did anyone seriously believe Johnny Depp couldn’t sort this out? If Boo had heart failure he’d probably just buy it a new one off a Burmese orphan.

Anyway, I’m just glad Johnny Depp burned four months of coal’s worth of carbon emissions so that the Australian city government could prove an important point about rabies prevention.

Meanwhile, I think someone at CNN threw out their back stretching for this one: