Jokes that DIDN’T get Gilbert Gottfried fired from Aflac

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Gilbert Gottfried

And that is to say nothing of the EVEN MORE obvious fact that anyone who knows anything about Gilbert Gottfried knows that 85% of the man’s career is making insensitive jokes.  Remember that movie, The Aristocrats?  That entire idea for that movie started because Gilbert Gottfried told the joke at a Hugh Hefner Roast.  The roast was taped shortly after 9/11, and Gilbert Gottfried told a 9/11 joke, at which point people yelled “too soon!” and then, as a way to keep from bombing hard and ruining the show, he went into his insanely dirty version of the old joke The Aristocrats and brought everyone back.  Can you see what I’m getting at here?  THIS IS THE SAME GUY WHO SPAWNED ‘THE ARISTOCRATS’, WHICH ITSELF WAS SPAWNED BY HIM TELLING 9/11 JOKES RIGHT AFTER 9/11.  And he was the voice of the Aflac duck for a FULL DECADE after that.

So big thanks to our video editor, Oliver Noble, for putting together this short mashup of just a few Gilbert Gottfried jokes that DIDN’T get him fired (as performed by the Aflac Duck), in honor of those moral highgrounding sh*tbag hypocrites over at Aflac.  Who, let’s not forget, are IN THE F*CKING INSURANCE BUSINESS. The same exec who made the decision to fire Gottfried is probably some doughy A-hole who spends his vacations shooting captive animals on game preserves and screwing 10-year-olds in Southeast Asia.  But, yes, let’s be sure to distance ourselves from some guy who made JOKES on f*cking TWITTER.

POST EDITED FOR RIGHT WINGERS:  Why come Gilbert Gottsfried kin joke about our dead 9/11 patriots, but the minute he tells a joke about dead Japs he gits fired?? I THOUGHT THIS WAS ‘MURICA! DEY TOOK YER JOB! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!