Joseph Wright's Gritty Peter Pan Reboot Has Found Its Gritty Peter

From Zorro to Fletch, obviously the hottest trend in Hollywood right now is the “gritty reboot” – taking an existing property, then “rebooting” it, turning it into an origin story that hopefully will have that “gritty” tone all the kids love. Today’s gritty reboot origin story news comes from Joe Wright’s Pan, so far starring Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard and Garret Hedlund as Hook, with Rooney Mara in talks to play Tiger Lily. Today, Variety reports that the gritty Peter will be played by Levi Miller, who seems to be a small child.

Wright was looking for a new discovery for the role of Pan, conducting an extensive casting search in the UK with open calls, and Miller seems to fit the bill — his biggest credit to date is an episode of “Terra Nova.”

Yeesh, creating a new child star should be illegal, or at least require a background check.

The film will be a new take on the classic story. It is set during WWII and follows an orphan who is kidnapped by pirates and brought to Neverland, where he discovers he’s destined to save the land from the pirate Blackbeard.
The world being created is international — and with a very different title character than previously imagined. [Variety]

So an orphan escapes his harsh reality into a world of fantasy pirates? Wasn’t this already called Finding Neverland? Wait a second, is this just Finding Neverland plus The Holocaust? From the director of Atonement? My God, this is going to be the most awards-baity Peter Pan ever, isn’t it.

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