Julia Roberts’ Taint Miracle & Morning Links

Waqas found this for us in Sweden. I loved it because I’m five.

Film Drunk Scene Breakdown: Stone Cold |Film Drunk|

Last week’s Frotcast was pretty good, because it was full of murder. |Frotcast|

20 of the Creepiest Celebrities Without Eyebrows |UPROXX|

Louis C.K.’s Tribute to George Carlin |Warming Glow|

Pic via FckYeahDementia

17 Gorgeous Black Cat Cosplay Pictures |Gamma Squad|

Olivia Munn Looked Fantastic While Pretending to Play Golf for Charity |With Leather|

The 20 Worst Lines in Movie History |Buzzfeed|

SNL’s Top 15 Sketches from the Last 3 Years |FARK|

Three suggestions for the Postal Service. |HolyTaco|

Pornhub is trying to buy Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Pornhub? Not familiar. |TheSuperficial|

Oliver’s piece for Mental Floss on the stages of Mac fandom. |MentalFloss|

Your weekly Entourage recap. |Videogum|

A wonderful compilation of girls on bikes falling. |GorillaMask|

3 Flowcharts for People with Social Anxieties |College Humor|

Meet the Dog with the Longest Ears in the World |Daily What|

Archer‘s Pam IRL |Unreality|

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