Kate Beckinsale Has Signed On For The Monty Python Gang’s ‘Absolutely Anything’

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02.27.14 13 Comments

Kate Beckinsale will star as the female love interest opposite Simon Pegg in the new comedy Absolutely Anything, which is being directed by Terry Jones. Obviously, the much more important aspect of this film is that it also stars Jones and the rest of his Monty Python crew, Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Michael Palin and Eric Idle (who was previously believed to be sitting out, while Deadline reports that he’s in). Absolutely Anything begins filming on March 24 in London and I think I speak for most of us when I say, “Hurrrrrrrrry the f*ck up, you guys.”

Jones and Co. will provide the voices of a team of aliens watching Earth from afar, and they randomly pick a school teacher named Neil (Pegg) to gift with the extraordinary ability to do anything he imagines. The power is way too much for one man to handle, obviously, so he turns to his talking dog (voiced by Robin Williams) and he eventually spends his time wooing the seemingly out-of-his-league girl played by the definitely out-of-everyone’s league Beckinsale.

The film is produced by Ben Timlett and Bill Jones at Bill & Ben Productions. Timlett says, “We are over the moon to welcome Kate Beckinsale to our brilliant cast. She’s perfect in the role of Catherine and joins some of the best names in comedy. Terry Jones and Gavin Scotts’ script is laugh out loud and we look forward to bringing it to a worldwide audience.” (Via Deadline)

Settle down, dude. You could say, “It’s a movie with stuff” and I’m pretty sure we’re all still going to really want to see it just for all of the Monty Python nostalgia. Wait, what’s this I have right here?

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