Keanu Reeves Says He Would Make ‘Speed 3’ (And Was Probably Joking)

Among the many films that have been showing at Fantastic Fest in Austin for the last week is the ass-kicking Keanu Reeves thriller John Wick (playing again today at 2:30 if you’re in the area), and everyone’s favorite sad actor made the rounds to tell the media all about it. Of course, with long overdue sequels all the rage these days, Nerdist editor-in-chief Brian Walton couldn’t let one of the biggest action stars of the 1990s get away without asking him if he’d be willing to reprise one of his most iconic roles for the sake of scratching us all right on our nostalgia bites.

So what do you say, Keanu? Is it finally time to make up for that awful mess called Speed 2: Cruise Control and bring Jack Traven back to the scene with his special Wildcat for another fast-paced adventure? Think about it, Jack could be retired, living on his own in a trailer that is conveniently parked on a cliff with a magnificent view. And he could be bitter that Annie Porter cheated on him with Jason Patric on that cruise, but then the news hits his phone – Howard Payne’s son is looking for revenge! Awesome idea, right?

“Oh my God, Speed 3: Redemption,” Reeves said with all the seriousness and certainty of a gay man being asked if he wants to go to Hooters, before adding, “Sure.” You know, call me crazy, but I think Reeves might have been being sarcastic in this interview.

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