Kelsey Grammer Is Joining ‘The Expendables 3’ Because Why The Hell Not?

Back in May, Michael Bay cast Kelsey Grammer as the main annoying a-hole human villain in Transformers: Age of Extinction, but apparently Sylvester Stallone took a good, long look at Frasier Crane and thought, “No, let’s make him an actual action star.” As we thought that the cast of The Expendables 3 was complete, Deadline is reporting that Grammer is being added to the star-studded action film, presumably in yet another effort to piss all over Bruce Willis’ belief that he deserves more money than anyone else for five lines and three days of work.

Grammer is near a deal to play the role of Bonaparte, an ex-mercenary who helps the Expendables in their mission. While Grammer was long identified for playing the mild-mannered shrink-turned-radio host Dr. Frasier Crane, he has transformed into a Hollywood tough guy. Most of that came from him playing a ferocious powerbroker in the recently canceled Starz series Boss. (Via Deadline)

For starters, I had no idea Boss was canceled. That blows. Maybe it would have helped if I watched more than the first episode instead of saying, “I’ll watch it next weekend” over and over.

But this casting news is bittersweet, as Nic Cage was originally supposed to play Bonaparte but he admitted back in July, after months and months of speculation that he had no clue what anybody was talking about. So Grammer looks like the man now, and that means they just need to add Bebe Neuwirth as a cold, calculating female mercenary to make this film complete.