Kevin Bacon Couldn’t Handle Being Average

Kevin Bacon is such a huge star that he can barely step outside without being mobbed, and for good reason: the man started The Bacon Brothers, the most influential musical act of our time. Their upbeat anthems make 30 Seconds to Mars seem like 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. A while back, Kevin Bacon wanted to know what it’d be like to be normal for a change, a regular Cubicle Charlie cruising Costco for free samples, and not some handsome rock singer who showed his penis in Wild Things. So he commissioned a $500 rubber disguise to help him blend in. The prosthetics worked like a charm, but like all the best episodes of Tyra, Bacon discovered that life’s a little different when you’re not beautiful, or so I hear.

“It was really bizarre and I didn’t really like it. I didn’t like it at all. People cut in front of you and when you’re at a check-out counter it’s just … different. People weren’t all that nice to me. I’m just not used to it.”
Sitting in a quiet corner of a Brentwood restaurant, the actor shook his head, perhaps surprised at his own candor and then laughed at himself. “I can’t imagine life without it,” he added, referring to fame. [HeroComplex – thanks to Sam for the tip]

Who were these idiots? I don’t respect anyone who couldn’t recognize Kevin Bacon by scent alone.