Kevin Smith has a verbal tic and sh*t.


With all the hubbub over Kevin Smith’s Westboro Baptist counter protest, his Sundance auction that wasn’t really an auction, and his plan to self distribute his movie, this week in Kevin Smith has been a VERITABLE AVALANCHE of news I started reading then quickly lost interest in, then felt bad about for not caring, and then completely forgot a few minutes later while daydreaming about a stegosaurus.  But finally, BestWeekEver‘s Noah Garfinkel has dug up some news about K-Smeezy that doesn’t require me reading 1200 words in 140 character chunks on Twitter.

Two nights ago, I ended up watching Kevin Smith: Too Fat For 40, a two hour lecture by the writer/director that is available to watch instantly on Netflix.

I imagined the talk would be long winded, but would probably also contain story or two that would be engaging enough to not bore me to the point of getting wound up and having to switch to something else. Perfect, right? No.

I ended up wide awake watching with rapt attention as I noticed unfolding before me what amounted to an accidental montage of a specific nervous tic. Below is a video that required me to watch Kevin Smith: Too Fat For 40 twice and then took me 7 hours to edit. It is a collection of every time Kevin Smith says “and sh*t” over the course of the two hour lecture. No clips have been repeated, and, in fact, some have not even been included.

(NSFW if your W has issues with the S word)

[protected-iframe id=”f3e7458f1369a99226dbf8f3dd1cfa3e-60970621-60061059″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]


Yesterday I thought “Talking Sheeeit with Isiah Whitlock” would be good concept for a talk show. Now I think we’ve found his co-host.

I also enjoy that Kevin Smith earns millions of dollars but still does public appearances in an oversized hockey jersey and cholo jorts. His outfits are basically the male version of a girl wearing a sarong to the beach.  Look, you ain’t foolin’ anyone about what’s under there, so you might as well unveil the pale and let the chub lovers perv on you.  That’s how *I* was raised.

(Video via Best Week Ever)