Khal Drogo is playing Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy

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02.19.13 16 Comments

With Chris Pratt all set to play Star-Lord opposite a tree man and a talking raccoon (this movie sounds like a stoner’s dream), all Marvel has left to cast in Guardians of the Galaxy are the voices (Adam Sandler was rumored at one point), and Drax the Destroyer. Well now, according to El Mayimbe at Latino Review, (*takes huge drag on inhaler*) Marvel has offered the part to Jason Momoa, aka Conan, aka Khal Drogo. Wait, are all these characters dudes? Sounds more like Guardians of the Guy-laxy if you ask me.

Momoa flew out to London to screen test on Wednesday. It was reported earlier that Isiah Mustafa [Old Spice commercial guy], Dave Bautista [Wrestler], and Brian Patrick [guy with two first names] also tested the role of Drax.

According to sources, Momoa’s screen test went so good [sic] that Marvel offered him the part and his reps have now countered, so the negotiations are ongoing. [LatinoReview]

I’m not that familiar with Drax the Destroyer (is he a ship?), so I melvined this nerd I know named Wikipedia and made him tell me everything. Don’t laugh, if there’s one area where Wikipedia is meticulously accurate, it’s in comic book characters.

Arthur Douglas was a human whose family was attacked and killed by the supervillain Thanos. Needing a champion to combat Thanos, the being known as Kronos took Arthur’s spirit and placed it in a powerful new body, and Drax the Destroyer was born. Drax’s powers included enhanced strength and resilience, flight, and the ability to project energy blasts from his hands. The character often battled Thanos, and on occasion the superheroes Captain Marvel and Adam Warlock. He was also a member of the group known as the Infinity Watch. [Wiki]

So, basically a buff dude with rocket hands. My dream. And it seems do-able for Momoa, who has become Hollywood’s go-to guy whenever they need a big buff dude and The Rock is busy. Momoa definitely brings a certain… Hawaiianness to all his roles. I guess the jury’s still out. He seems reasonably charismatic, but it’s hard to tell what he can do when all he’s been in are a horrific nü metal remake of Conan and played Hate-F*ck McGee on Game of Thrones.

I guess we’ll see. But at the very least, we’ll always have this drunk-off-his-ass UFC interview:

Poor guy, he just wants someone to bro down with! Silly Goldberg, don’t ask him about the movie! Beer not for talk, beer for high five! I know that feel, bro.

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