Lars von Trier Singing a Piano Ballad with Mentally Challenged Backup Singers

I love Lars von Trier. He makes my favorite movies, writes episodes of Klown (now on Hulu) about masturbation classes, and cavalierly bombs a decent Nazi set at French open-mics. Like most of LvT’s exploits, this requires some explaining before we even get into the video itself. Here’s the skinny: Peter Skellern released the ballad “You’re a Lady” in 1972. It was pretty popular and if you were born in 1973 and are British, chances are your conception was soundtracked by the thing. Twenty-six years later Lars von Trier made The Idiots, his first Dogme 95 film, about people pretending to be retarded in public so they can access their anti-bourgeois hedonistic spirits. Now, one of the rules of the Dogme 95 Manifesto is no non-diagetic sound, a.k.a. no music unless it’s in the narrative. This means that Lars von Trier just recorded this song, just made this video, for fun. Danish fun is literally criminal compared than the rest of the world’s definition (Idiots does have orgies, shower boners and full penetration, so there must be some overlap), so I’m only assuming that the backup singers, The Idiot All Stars as they are credited, are actors, not actually mentally challenged. I wouldn’t put it past ol’ Lars, though. The guy knows how to party.

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