Frotcast 267: ‘The Leftovers’ Premiere, ‘Commando’ At 30

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Comedian Matt Lieb is back in the Frotquarters this week with Bret and I, to talk The Leftovers premiere, Commando‘s 30th anniversary, kayak lady, the world’s worst Matt Damon editorial, and online marketing “gurus” ongoing attempt to destroy the English language. Enjoy!


2:00 – Matt tries to defend John From Cincinnati

4:00 – Matt quits Talk 9, gets a farewell from Gary From Fremont. “Is all of life, just repeating the mantra ‘This is what I wanted?’ “

5:20 – Commando talk

10:49 – Bret and Matt try to guess how many people get killed in Commando.

14:00 – We finally talk about the Kayak Bear Lady, which hit just after we recorded last week’s show. Matt provides the voice of the bear.

17:42 – WELCOME TO TECH HELL. Are online marketing “gurus” trying to destroy English? We go down the terrifying rabbit hole. Sample sentence: “Content marketing providers will focus on solutions partners.”

38:27 – My story about how I put a couch on the street and accidentally created an artificial reef for hobos.

40:55 – We’ve discovered the world’s most confusing Matt Damon hot take, “Earth to Matt Damon, it’s 2015.”

54:00 – John From Cincinnati. Turns out Matt Lieb was the one guy who liked this show.

55:00 – The Leftovers: Is it just going to Lost us? (Discussion is a little spoilery, I suppose, but pretty vague).

1:00:00 – Bret’s bizarre sex dreams, “where I’m pushing a little sea lion around in my palm.”

1:08:10 – Your emails and voicemails.

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