‘Life Of Pi’ Has A New International Trailer

While I’ve never read it, I have heard great things about Yann “The Model” Martel’s 2001 novel, Life of Pi. I know that the plot is about a boy who is shipwrecked and spends the better part of a year adrift on a boat with a tiger. And I assume that makes this a fantasy novel, because there isn’t a dimension in existence in which that tiger wouldn’t eat Pi from ass to eyes after the first day. But some people have said that it’s actually quite spiritually enlightening, so I should probably leave the snark to Nikki Finke.

Anywho, Ang Lee took on the task of brining Life of Pi to the big screen, and now his film has a brand new international trailer with some birdies and monkeys. And that damn tiger, too. Sorry, I’m just so hung up on tigers, because it’s 2012 and we have so much incredible education at our disposal and people are still stupid enough to believe that they can jump into a tiger den at a zoo and just pet the cuddly little fellas without them feeling threatened or terrified and responding by feasting on every ounce of your human flesh. So anyway, that’s one more Darwin Award nominee.

Oh, and there’s that Joe Rogan bit about the tigers in the Sundarbans that just kill people like crazy. Tigers are f*cking scary, dudes. So where was I? Oh yeah, Life of Pi. It stars Suraj Sharma and will be in theaters on Nov. 21. Check out the trailer after the jump, as well as a huge spoiler.

And here’s the spoiler…