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09.29.08 61 Comments

That’s right folks, not enough space to cover all the news today.  Here’s the abbreviated version:

Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein deal with DeNiro: See above clip.  This 10-year-old sound recording recently made its way to the web.  In it, Tarantino and Weinstein discuss how to deal with Bobby DeNiro, who was apparently pissed about either his role or compensation for Jackie Browne.  Either way, Quentin hasn’t had a conversation this short since at least 2000. Harvey also says DeNiro is “gonna make John Travolta look like amateur night in Dixie.” Is that a gay joke? I’m pretty sure that’s a gay joke.

New Red-Band Clip from Sex Drive: Good thing they added the music in there, otherwise I might not have realized what a wild and crazy time I was having watching it.

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.  Again.: The original might be funnier, but whatever.  Hey, what’s the difference between my dick and a pit bull?  Lipstick.  **snarl**

Photoshop + “Make a Porno” = Fun:  My favorite was Milo and Otis Make a Porno (pictured).

Megan Fox Plays a Mermaid: New writers have been brought on with a mandate to write more bikini scenes.  I swear to God I did not make this up.

“Americatown”: New HBO series will be set in the future after a mass exodus from America and will focus on a cluster of American immigrants in a big foreign city.  I think Ween should write the theme song, and it should be called “Hamburgers and Meth”.

Bill Murray Would Do Ghostbusters 3: I know, I don’t really care either.

The Office: In case you missed it, the first episode of the new season is online in its entirety.  I can sum up why The Office is better than 30 Rock in two words: Judah Friedlander.

[Thanks to Robo, Stone Soup, and Eric from ScreenJunkies for the tips]

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