Tom Hiddleston Is Set To Star In A ‘King Kong Origin Story’

The hot news fresh off the wires is that Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, aka the British Lee Pace, is set to star in an origin story for King Kong, one of the most royalty-free of all iconic movie monsters.

Hiddleston will take a pivotal role in Skull Island with Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing, Legendary films announced on Tuesday. The film will be distributed on Nov. 4, 2016. [USA Today]

At one point, Legendary was courting (that’s fancy talk for throwing money at and shouting “please direct this!”) Attack the Block‘s Joe Cornish, but sadly for them (and happily for us), Cornish decided nah, he didn’t want to do a King Kong movie. So it seems they’ve hired Johnny Hyphen-Name in his place. Vogt-Roberts is best known for directing Funny or Die Presents and last year’s Kings Of Summer, an alllmost sorta okay indie comedy starring Nick Offerman, so you have to wonder if this will have a comedic element. Then again, the Peter Jackson Kong had Jack Black in it and that was about as funny as an anal fissure.

Vogt-Roberts (The Kings of Summer) will direct a script written by Max Borenstein (Godzilla) that explores the mysterious island that was the home of Kong and other terrifying prehistoric creatures. “Previous works have touched on the island, but staying on and exploring this mysterious and dangerous place offers Legendary the opportunity to take audiences deeper inside this rich world with a style and scope that parallels other Legendary productions,” said the company, in a statement. [EW]

So… like, Loki and King Kong and dinosaurs and stuff? That could be cool, I guess. I vote Loki rides around on King Kong fighting dinosaurs, and at one point Kong slips on a giant banana peel. I think that would be funny because King Kong is a giant ape.