Louie C.K. Had Some Complaints About ‘Gravity’ On The ‘Opie And Anthony Show’

Louis C.K. Tells Conan Why Mobile Phones Are Evil And About The Time He Hit On Gwyneth Paltrow

Louie C.K. was on Tuesday’s episode of The Opie And Anthony Show for about 80 minutes, and the section of his appearance that caught our attention the most was when he talked about Gravity. The movie was beloved by Dan, Vince, our resident rocket scientist, and general audiences. Did Louie C.K. feel the same?

He suggested watching Gravity only if you’re stoned and in an IMAX theater, a combination he’s recommended in the past. He went on to point out that the leads weren’t believable astronauts. George Clooney is the king of charm, after all, and Sandra Bullock was portrayed as a “reluctant astronaut”, as if going to f**king space is anybody’s Plan B.

Here’s the Gravity-related part, and the audio is NSFW.

Uncensored audio of Louie C.K.’s full appearance on Tuesday’s episode of The Opie And Anthony Show is available HERE. He went even further in bashing the Robert Redford movie All Is Lost (AKA “I’m On A Boat”). His swearword-filled rants about everything the character did wrong had me laughing all Tuesday and hoping clips would hit YouTube soon.

On a completely different (but interesting to me) note, the same episode includes a visit from Penn Jillette, who revealed that a famous magician secretly has an identical twin who’s working with him. He didn’t name the magician, though. Whoever it is, we hope Christian Bale plays him in a movie someday.

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