Mara Wilson And Lisa Jakub Probably Won’t Be In ‘Mrs. Doubtfire 2’

When news first blew up the Facebooks and Twitters last night that Fox 2000 was getting at least two members of the Mrs. Doubtfire band back together, the first question on everybody’s minds was undoubtedly, “What about Mara Wilson and Lisa Jakub, the two girls who played the daughters?” Well, don’t worry about losing sleep, because the one true benefit of the Internet is that we can track people down on Twitter in a matter of seconds and then allow thousands of random strangers to harass them until they finally cave in and tell us what’s going on.

Both Wilson, who played the youngest daughter Natalie, and Jakub, who played the older daughter, have cleared the record to let the entire world know that they won’t be in Mrs. Doubtfire 2 with Robin Williams, mainly because no one has asked them to be in it. There’s also a little matter of leaving well enough alone, but mostly it’s that whole not being contacted about it part that has their names trending right now.

Jakub, who retired from acting over a decade ago, had a pretty easy day on Twitter, as she simply said what she had to say and then went about her business.

Wilson, on the other hand, Tweeted her mind about the sequel, since her name was the one that was prominently trending, along with plenty of headlines that made it seem like she had some hellish vendetta against the studio and her old castmates.

Wilson also shared a similar message on Facebook.

Naturally, the reports that she wanted nothing to do with the sequel brought about some serious haters – those Mrs. Doubtfire fans are more loyal than Twihards – so Wilson spent a good amount of her day addressing the stupidity and promoting her writing work. All in all, though, I’d say that anyone who is a purist when it comes to casting consistency is going to be pretty upset when Fox 2000 finally puts the Mrs. Doubtfire 2 family together.