Martin Scorsese's next movie has dwarf-tossing in the opening scene

Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street begins shooting this week, and besides the fact that it’s based on the Jordan Bellfort memoir of the same name and stars Jonah Hill and Scorsese’s new BFF Leonardo DiCaprio, we new a few things about it. In fact, Business Insider has read the script and wrote up the 15 scenes they’re most excited about. I don’t want to spoil the whole movie, but since it’s the opening scene, I don’t mind revealing that it’s going to involve dwarf tossing.

The movie opens with a very professional commercial about Belfort’s firm, and then goes into a scene of he and his brokers having a dwarf throwing contest. According to the script, classical music plays as “a conservative group of smiling ethnically diverse actors surrounding their young chairman Jordan Belfort” pose through a Gene Hackman voice-over.

Then you head to Stratton-Oakmont headquarters and 700 20-something stockbroker bros are chanting and throwing around dollars bills to see who can throw a cape-clad dwarf into a dollar sign bulls-eye.

Jordan is being played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

You can check out the rest of the article over at Business Insider, but let’s just say that it involves a lot of hookers, infidelity, and orgies, just like the Uproxx Christmas party. It all sounds pretty great, and I’m always excited for a Scorses movie, but it seems like the same thing has been happening over and over since even before the first Wall Street. We make a movie about how big of assh*les Wall Street guys are, expecting it to be some kind of cautionary tale, but then Wall Street guys see it and go, “Yeah! That’s awesome! Hookers and orgies and dwarf tossing!” and not only is it not a cautionary tale, Wall Street just ends up attracting even bigger assh*les. Wall Street came out in 1987, and it’s just gotten worse since then, with real-life dudes trying out Gordon Gekko each other. Michael Lewis, who wrote Liar’s Poker about working at Salomon Brother in the eighties, has talked about how the worse pop culture has tried to make Wall Street seem, the more people there just seem to eat it up. That said, I don’t really know what the solution is, because other than shooting two hours of a guy beating his wife and peeing in his kid’s eyes these guys seem fairly immune to parody. Maybe make a movie about them that’s less like Entourage, and have Julian Schnabel direct it.