Mash-Up: A Brief History of Conspicuous Product Placement

Here’s the latest creation from our video editor, Oliver, A Brief History of Conspicuous Product Placement in Movies. Yes, it’s a little less fart-jokey than you may be used to from us, but hopefully just as entertaining.  “In our latest FilmDrunk mashup, we’ve replaced the nutshots with… education.  Let’s see if anyone notices!”

I’m a little offended that he referred to the Teddy Bear Alien McDonald’s Dance Party scene from Mac & Me as “an atrocity”, when clearly it’s one of the finest scenes in all of cinema, but otherwise it’s quite educational.  I figured the product placement parody scene in Wayne’s World would be in there, but did you know the “All restaurants are Taco Bell” scene in Demolition Man was replaced with a horribly-dubbed version that said “Pizza Hut” for the European version?  Or that one of the biggest product placement whores of all time is Michael Bay?  Okay, that second one you probably already knew.


[Oliver thanks Robert at Uberzine for the idea]