Matt Damon Hates Mike McCarthy

In honor of my beloved* Green Bay Packers winning the Super Bowl, I thought I’d post this video from yesterday’s pregame ESPN coverage. It’s yet another addition of “Mayne Street” featuring ESPN’s resident dry humorist, Kenny Mayne.

There’s a pretty good looking redhead chick in it, so it’s got that going for it, but other than that it’s pretty… blah. However, it does feature an appearance from Matt Damon, who plays a bitter high school rival of Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. Say what you want about Damon, but I just find the guy so damn charming in completely hetero way, of course. I’m just saying that if he wanted to hang out and play Wii or go to my ex-girlfriend’s office and tell her that we’re best friends now, that would be pretty cool.

UPDATE: OK, the real video is posted. My bad.

Video after the jump…

(*See above picture.)