Frotcast 358: Kriegslist, And Superb Owl Preview, With Matt Ufford


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The big news this week is that our Frotcast co-host Matt Lieb finally got himself put on a list of objectionable Jews, by Wisconsin congressional candidate Paul Nehlen. Also, thanks to a video he made about the simultaneous rise of Anti-Semitism and Israel-filia in the alt-right, he got called out by an atheist Canadian kangaroo on YouTube. Leading to the definining question of 2018, “why is the atheist Canadian kangaroo mad at me?”

SB Nation’s Matt Ufford joins this week for that, plus we discuss a few Oscar movies we’ve finally caught up with, and preview the Super Bowl this week. Will it suck a lot, or only a little? Do the bad guys always win? We also read your emails and answer your relationship questions. Donate thank you and Frot on.

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