Matthew McConaughey designed his own assless chaps

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04.24.12 11 Comments

Not five minutes before I read this story, I got an email from Halpern about how Magic Mike seems like the role Matthew McConaughey dreamed of playing since he got into showbiz, the over-the-top parody of himself that isn’t actually a parody (I’d say that’s just as true for Dazed & Confused or Surfer, Dude, but still applicable).

Well with that in mind, Vulture now says McConaughey actually designed his own assless chaps for the movie.

Last night at the premiere of his new film Bernie, we asked McConaughey to tell us a little bit more about his character, and the talk soon turned to his wardrobe. Specifically, would McConaughey like to address the tip Vulture recently received that he spends several scenes of the movie in assless chaps? “You got to go check it out in a theater and find out, man,” he laughed, admitting, “I did design some special pants.” As far as additional research went, “Channing and I met early on and went by one male revue strip club in New Orleans and I was there for about an hour, and that was enough,” McConaughey said. “For me, that character in Magic Mike was a combination of Clockwork Orange and Jim Morrison. So I’ll leave it at that.”

I’m not sure what any of that cutesy banter actually means, but their headline was “Matthew McConaughey Designed His Own Assless Pants for Magic Mike,” so I ran with it. Frankly, if Matthew McConaughey told me “I did design some special pants,” I would’ve just assumed he had pot in one of the pockets, or his boner, I don’t know why they assumed it meant assless chaps. Also, can one really cut the ass off some pants and call that a “design?” If so, I’ve got some dress designs I’d like to show Jennifer Lawrence.

Yeah, girl, I just said I wanna cut holes in your dress so your bewbs hang out. Does that make you hot for me?

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