Matthew McConaughey Might Not Be In ‘Magic Mike XXL.’ TONIGHT WE RIOT!

It’s a well-established fact that Matthew McConaughey was unfairly robbed of an Oscar in Magic Mike, for best supporting actor, best original song for “Ladies of Tampa,” and for best performance as himself. He was a big part of its success, so much so that when Channing Tatum started writing the script for Magic Mike 2 (mostly just notes on the inside of a Starter jacket), he wisely did so while staring at a bust of Matthew McConaughey. But now, if Gabriel Iglesias is to be believed, Tatum’s muse may not even be involved. Here, you guys read the block quote while I start soaking these rags in gasoline.

Iglesias told Dish Nation:

“Word has it that Matt’s probably not gonna be involved, because he’s worth a lot of money now – that whole Oscar thing – so, but yeah, I’ve signed on for part two.”

Oh great, Dallas is gone, but we’ve still got the guy who names all his stand-up specials “Fluffy?” Worst. Trade. Ever. This like someone offering to take your mint condition Honus Wagner rookie card in exchange for a sandwich bag full of cat turds. Look, Matthew McConaughey has to be in Magic Mike XXL. Matthew McConaughey needs to be in Magic Mike XXL, even if Obama has to go over congress’s head.

[hat tip: Buzzsugar]