Matthew Vaughn Won’t Direct ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’, So Bring On Brett Ratner!

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10.26.12 30 Comments
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There have been a variety of rumors regarding the direction that Fox would be taking the X-Men after the overwhelming success of X-Men: First Class rescued the franchise from the Cheetos-dusted fingers of Brett Ratner’s demise. For starters, we know that Patrick Stewart will be returning as Professor X in X-Men: Days of Future Past, and he also hinted that other actors will also reprise their roles from the original trilogy.

Obviously, we knew that Hugh Jackman is still Wolverine, because he was in First Class and he’s filming The Wolverine, and nobody else was born to play Wolverine like Jackman, but now we also know that P-Stew wasn’t lying because Famke Janssen has a cameo in The Wolverine. Additionally, by hiring Mark Millar to oversee all of its Marvel properties, Fox is working diligently to create an alliance not only between X-Men and Fantastic Four, but also possibly Marvel’s The Avengers, which would obviously be amazing.

So now the bad news – Matthew Vaughn is no longer directing Days of Future Past because he’s working on another film. I know, I’m bummed, too.

Vaughn has stepped down from the director’s chair for the highly anticipated sequel. It’s unclear what the reasons are at this point, and it would seem he would’ve had a bigger production schedule this time around, with an early 2013 start planned. But he’s not throwing in the towel completely. Vaughn will take a producer role on the picture, and will direct another movie instead for Fox, where he happens to be eyeing a couple of projects (“Superior” and “The Secret Service”) from their new creative consultant Mark Millar (convenient). (Via Indiewire)

Don’t worry, that headline is just some ol’ Burnsy trolling. Indiewire also reports that Fox wants Bryan Singer back in the director’s chair for Days of Future Past, and that would obviously be a good thing. Or they could take a page from Marvel’s playbook and hire a first-timer with a love of comics. Either way, just for safety’s sake, someone should put some extra tryptophan in Ratner’s Jager-glazed turkey this Thanksgiving so maybe he’ll hibernate through the entire production of this film.

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