Mickey Rourke Is Putting On Quite The Show In This Training Video

While most of us are stuffing our guts with beef jerky, cheap bourbon and other such classic Thanksgiving Day foods today, Mickey Rourke is over in Moscow preparing for tomorrow’s boxing match against Elliot Seymour. Despite the fact that Rourke is 33-years older than Seymour, the star of such acclaimed films as The Wrestler and Double Team isn’t exactly facing Mike Tyson in his prime, as Seymour’s record is nothing to start etching in stone at the boxing hall of fame. Still, it seems pretty ridiculous that the 62-year old actor is keeping his 90s dream of being a professional ass-kicker alive, at least considering he can pretend to be a badass as long as Sylvester Stallone keeps making Expendables films.

But the Ragin’ Rourkester at least wants us to think this is going to be a classic fight for the ages, because he was bobbin’ and weavin’ for the press yesterday, as he put on a little training session (and old man bulge showcase) for the press yesterday. As long as this fight takes place in semi-slow motion, Seymour doesn’t stand a chance.