Morgan Spurlock’s Documentary About One Direction Has A Trailer Now

Concert films have always been a really easy way for the artists to make a boatload of cash, as evidenced by Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never raking in $73 million and Katy Perry: Part of Me earning $25 million at the box office in recent years. The “documentaries” are dressed up to make it look like we’re getting a behind-the-scenes look at how the musicians and bands deal with the intense day-to-day demands of world tours and simply being famous. Of course, they’re ultimately nothing more than PR videos to make us sympathize with really, really wealthy people.

But what if you took a world famous boy band and paired it with an Academy Award-nominated director with a passion for actually telling compelling stories? Well, I imagine you’d get something like 1D: This Is Us, the story of One Direction as told by Morgan Spurlock. Man, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d ever write.

I hope at least one-third of this film is devoted to people throwing shoes at Harry Styles’ nuts.