Morning Links with a cat who parties

Pizza Cat may not be partying as hard as Party Horse, but he’s moderately righteous. |via MichelleisJaded|


Meme watch: the best of hipster edits. |Uproxx|

Talkin’ box office, X-Men, and “Social Media is Bullsh*t” with Brandon Mendelson. |Frotcast|

Jesse James’ dog attacked a corgi. Just one more reason that guy sucks. |WarmingGlow|

Depressing Gallery: Cheerleader Fantasies on the Ohio River. |WithLeather|

Not A Repost: Lil Wayne Sued For Unpaid Royalities For Tha Carter III Producers. |TheSmokingSection|

The 10 funniest comic panels of the week. |GammaSquad|

This 40-year-old dude from Georgia is the Syrian, lesbian blogger. |TheDailyWhat|

9-year-old boy dances to Madonna’s Vogue in 1991. |Videogum|

This guy goes on dating sites and asks to draw ladies.  These are the pictures he draws. |Buzzfeed|

Cleanse your sins in Lebron tears. |BostonStool|

Guessing the 11 redacted words from the Pentagon Papers. |HolyTaco|

World War Z adds James Badge Dale. You think he gets called “James Vag Dale” a lot? |ScreenJunkies|

A Gallery of Polaroids from the Blade Runner Set. |UnrealityMag|

January Jones puts the “great ass” in “not a great actress.” |TheSuperficial|

Harley Quinn joins the suicide sluts. |ToplessRobot|