‘Nature Calls’ Finally Has A Red Band Trailer

In my award-winning Fall Movie Guide (2012 Botswana Village Journal’s Best English Blog Film Preview of September), I mentioned that I’ve got this funny, awful feeling in my gut that Patton Oswalt’s latest comedy, Nature Calls, might be a letdown. Yesterday, though, the red band trailer hit Yahoo! and now I can confidently say that this film looks… like it has a lot of curse words and yelling.

Also starring Johnny Knoxville, the late Patrice O’Neal and Rob Riggle, Nature Calls has been billed as Meatballs meats the Boy Scouts, as Oswalt plays a Scout leader clinging to his troop’s last few members, while his cooler brother (Knoxville) keeps stealing kids away with his video games and ice cream. Ultimately, it looks like a much louder version of that Saved by the Bell episode when Mr. Belding’s brother showed up and convinced Zack and the gang to bail on their senior trip in favor of white water rafting.

But, again, louder. So much louder.

I really like Riggle and I think that he’s already a monumental improvement over Frank Caliendo as the new comic relief on the FOX NFL Sunday pregame show, but that’s not really saying much. He’s funnier than just being the guy who yells all the time, right? Like, there has to be more to him than, “Hey, be your guy from Step Brothers again”. Man, I hope my gut is wrong.