Okay, Netflix’s April Fool’s Day Thing was Kinda Good

I hesitate to praise anyone’s April Fool’s Day prank at all, because as a general rule, they’re awful. Getting me to believe something plausible but untrue is not a “prank.” If that’s a prank, then I’ve been pranking women and prospective employers for years, nah mean? Rants aside, Netflix, who are usually known more for being the butt of jokes than the teller, had a pretty solid one this year. If you visited the site yesterday, you may have noticed an oddly-specific category of movies you might like, such as “Movies featuring an epic Nic Cage meltdown,” or “Movies starring Estelle Getty and some other guy.” That category was only movie, by the way, just Stop or My Mom Will Shoot, with the “other guy” being Sylvester Stallone, har har.

You can see more of the specific categories on the following pages, but all in all, it was pretty clever, especially for a company who last time they thought they had a clever idea ended up trying to rename their DVD service “Qwikster.” (Man, remember that?) Anyway, welcome back, Netflix. Between this and House of Cards, you’re on a roll. I actually enjoy this feature enough that I’d like to see it become permanent. Why not? Some other categories I’d like to suggest:

– Movies where Harvey Keitel hangs dong
– Movies where a pretty white lady solves racism
– Nineties comedies with a Smash Mouth song on the soundtrack
– Romantic comedies where Matthew McConaughey is leaning on someone
– Documentaries in which Werner Herzog ponders the nature of existence in a way not even really related to the plot

Feel free to add your own.

FYI, you can click to enlarge all of these. Has anyone ever watched The Glades, or is it strictly for family members of the cast?

“Movies that Daniel Day-Lewis did something completely insane to prepare for” would be another good one.

Oh come on, Netflix there has to be more than one movie starring Estelle Getty and some other guy. (*checks IMDB*) Okay, I guess it depends on what your definition of “starring” is. I suppose I’ll let it slide.

This made me extremely curious about “Hottie Boomba Lottie.”

(2008) 78 minutes
In this charming indie comedy, Don Juan wannabe Ethan’s designs to woo the beautiful Madison are jeopardized when his brother gets involved.

This has to be the most press this movie has ever gotten, right?

I don’t know, Netflix, “movies starring fruits” seems a lot broader than it’s reflected here.

Yes, Chasing the Kidney Stone is a real movie.

When his grandfather comes down with a mysterious ailment, a boy shrinks himself and embarks on an odyssey through the old man’s body.

I need to make Danger Guerrero watch this. I feel like this one was the joke the weird kid came up with and no one wanted to tell him that they didn’t get it because they secretly think he might shoot up the place one day.

I always thought the best Nic Cage meltdowns were in Wicker Man, Con Air, and The Rock. Or maybe there’s one in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin? The world may never know.

I simply cannot understand how so many girls I know can watch the Kardashians. I’ll watch almost anything, but that show is absolutely insufferable. I’m fine with watching stupid people do stupid stuff, but that show is basically a cadre of uncharismatic actors improvising scenes designed by even less-talented producers. It’s cliché to say, but mother of God, it is the worst.

William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet (2009)
Meet William Shatner, sans the iconic mask, in this fascinating documentary about the erstwhile Capt. Kirk of the starship Enterprise.

Okay, yeah, we should probably see this.

If I wanted to watch pissed off wives, I’d just invite the fellas over for poker night! Am I right, guys? (*looks around for high five, gets depressed, ponders mortality*)

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