New Avengers deleted scene has Stan Lee, Acura ads, moping

With The Avengers hitting DVD September 25th, more and more deleted and alternate scenes are starting to show up online. Sometimes I wonder if some of these are actually deleted scenes or just scenes that they shoot special to promote the DVD release. Have you seen the “director’s cut” of The Town? If that’s actually the cut Ben Affleck wanted, Ben Affleck is some kind of Frank Drebin director who’s been inadvertantly Forrest Gumping his way into undeserved accolades this whole time, because the director’s cut is terrible. Anyway, this deleted scene from The Avengers isn’t that bad – much better than the alternate opening that hit yesterday – but it does have my least favorite of all Marvel scenes, the Stan Lee cameo, the part of every Marvel movie where they throw out all pretense of storytelling in order to wink at you while every neckbeard in the audience puffs out his mantits in the hopes of being the first to acknowledge he’s been successfully pandered to. Relax, fatty, at this point, Condoleeza Rice probably knows who Stan Lee is. That said, Chris Evans is dreamy and I could stare at him staring at stuff all day.

That building he’s staring at is supposed to be Stark Tower, but the CG isn’t finished.

Anyway, I made this: