New Captain America Image: Red Skull sure has a red skull

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03.03.11 20 Comments

First Avenger: Captain America is being directed by Joe Johnston, so it’s most likely going to be a disappointment, but we can all still be good internet nerds and pretend like it won’t.  That’s what my parents did with me and look how that turned out. Okay, bad example. Marvel has said the first trailer for the Avengers will be attached to either Captain America or Thor (which looks a lot more promising), and in the meantime, Entertainment Weekly posted this new picture of Red Skull.  Or should I say the APTLY NAMED Red Skull.  Believe it or not, that’s Hugo Weaving (The Agent from The Matrix) under there.  Jeez, with all those buckles and leather, this has to be the second gayest look we’ve ever seen on him.

Also, is that a Cthulhu belt buckle?  That’s hot.  Label that thing “steampunk” and you could make a fortune on Etsy.  I bet that’s his master plan. Super villain indeed.  See? I told you Nazis were fashionable.

(click for full size)

Meanwhile, the Cat Who Looks Like Voldemort is not impressed.

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