New Video Surfaces Of Max Wade Caught In The Act Of Stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini

We’ve long been fascinated by the Max Wade case, long before we even knew his name, back when he was just some guy who stole Guy Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini, all the way through his trial and eventual conviction and sentence to 21 years to life a few weeks ago. Against all odds, the story kept getting better. Most recently, we found out he had supposedly been planning a jewelry store heist, complete with a helicopter getaway.

And now, thanks to KGO, we have video of the actual Lamborghini burglary. That’s the one a 16-year-old Max Wade planned and carried out by rappelling into British Motors in San Francisco and cutting the locks on the doors. Which, amazingly, he accomplished by Googling “Mission Impossible Style Rappelling.” That’s what we call a self-starter.

The interesting wrinkle here is that Wade, who was long suspected of having an accomplice or accomplices for the car theft, can be seen in the tape talking into some kind of throat mic or radio.

Surveillance video obtained by the I-Team catches the rope falling to the ground. Wade scales down the side of the building and into a window.

Inside, he takes his time, spending almost 15 minutes walking through the dealership.

“He had a throat mic or what appeared to be a throat mic for a two-way radio,” Garrett says. “And a couple times he appears to talk on it during that time in the surveillance video.”

Meanwhile, the security guard who was on duty that night still hasn’t been located. I’m so spoiled by this story that when they do find the guy, I fully expect him to have at least three more completely insane Max Wade stories. So far, my favorite detail is that the license plate of Fieri’s Lambo was “GUYTORO.” God only knows how much flavor had gotten trapped in the upholstery in there. It’s the insurance company’s problem now.