FilmDrunk Fashion Friday: Nick Nolte Still Makes The Ladies Drop Their Drawers

Not many people realize that 71-year old grizzled whisky hound Nick Nolte actually got his start in Hollywood after he starred in a Clairol commercial with Sigourney Weaver. Now you have something that you can impress your friends with when you all meet for Bud heavies after you punch out at the steel mill. Nolte was also originally a promising football player, but thanks to his success as a hunky model, casting directors quickly took notice and he first showed up in Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, whatever that was.

Nolte soon carved his niche as ultimate rough-around-the-edges leading male, culminating in People Magazine naming him the “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1992. Nick Nolte was Channing Tatum before Channing Tatum was even strapping on his first pair of fly kicks.

Unfortunately, most people only know Nolte for his unfortunate 2002 drunk driving mugshot, and not this much more handsome mugshot. But I’m extremely happy to tell you all today – especially the ladies – that hunky Nolte is back and he is better than ever.

Hey there, Nick Nolte. Whatcha up to?

Oh yeah, just eating a bar of soap? Nice.

What I love most about these pictures is that if you look at them on the Daily Mail’s website, they have little rollover tabs so you can find these articles of clothing online and look like your favorite celebrity. So if you’re looking for that perfect “drunk offseason mall Santa” outfit, you can grab the beaten and destroyed fedora, tattered Member’s Only knockoff jacket and pink retiree pants with just a few clicks of your mouse button. But you’re going to have to really work hard and diligently search for the right pile of trash to roll around in if you want those vintage stains and horrific body odor.

Sorry, I just assume that Nolte smells like cheap bourbon and Newark.