'Obiwan Kenobi' spends 5 days in jail for hit and run

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05.03.12 22 Comments

“Obiwan Kenobi” here was recently released after spending five days in jail after being arrested for a hit and run in Northern California. At the time of his arrest, he was also wanted on charges of misdemeanor petty theft. Something something “dark side” (*canned laughter*).

Kenobi, 37, has been charged with leaving the scene of a five-car accident last month in Roseville. According to cops, Kenobi’s reckless driving triggered the chain-reaction collision.

In fact, we were actually able to obtain some footage of the collision:

Formerly known as Benjamin Cale Feit, Kenobi changed his name in 1999 in response to a radio stunt tied to the release of “Stars Wars: Episode I.” A California station offered $1000 to the first listener to legally change their name to that of the fictional Jedi master. [TheSmokingGun via Movieline, Geekologie]

Damn, $1,000 for 13 years as “Obiwan Kenobi?” He probably hates George Lucas almost as much Hayden Christensen. And with a name like “Ben Feit” he could’ve just changed his first name to “Boba” and saved all this trouble. Also, and I know this makes me a terrible person, but part of me wishes he’d been a serial rapist, if only for the mental image of two cops walking slowly by his cell, one telling the other “the force is strong with this one.”

In related news, the Frotcast will be raising money for anyone who changes his (or her) name to “Taco BM Monster.”

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