Of *COURSE* The Lorax is a liberal plot to indoctrinate new enviro-fascists

As America’s pre-eminent old man who hates Mexicans, it was Lou Dobbs’s job, nay, his duty, to sound the alarm on his Fox Business show recently that movies such as The Secret World of Arriety and Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax are just liberal Hollywood’s latest attempt to indoctrinate your children into their anti-industry, enviro-fascist, same-sex tree hugging agenda.

DOBBS: Now, an “Unmentionable” — a story you won’t hear anywhere in the liberal national media, or nearly all of the national liberal media. Hollywood is once again trying to indoctrinate our children. Two new films out this year, plainly with an agenda, plainly demonizing the so-called “1 percent” and espousing the virtue of green-energy policies, come what may.

The first one is an animated feature from Japan, entitled The Secret World of Arriety, which tells the story of a tiny family that survives by BORROWING things from their human counterparts. [Clip from movie]

And then there’s The Lorax. Set to be released nationwide next month, it’s about a woodland creature who speaks for the trees, and finds RAMPANT industrialism.

Where have we all heard this before? Occupy Wall Street, forever trying to pit the makers against the takers, and President Obama, repeating that everyone should pay their “fair share” in dozens of speeches including his State of the Union address last month. The president’s liberal friends in Hollywood targeting a younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children.

Man, pitting your children against the 1%, total Disney move. Typical behavior from a multi-national corporation founded by an old Jew-hating McCarthyist. It’s just sad.

One member of Dobbs’s diverse panel of fat, white radio dudes says that the movie is trying to create “Occu-toddlers,” and that if you have to see it, you should go buy huge tubs of popcorn and crumple your papers up and throw them on the floor. “You go into the theaters and you fight back against this message!” YEAH! STICK IT TO THOSE LAZY MINIMUM-WAGE BROWN THEATER COCKSUCKERS!

So wait, aren’t these guys all about the free-market? I thought this was a BUSINESS show. And now they’re suggesting a protest against mass-market capitalism? Frankly, it sounds very Socialist to me. I’m down with a reverse-Occupy protest, but only if instead of doing that jazz hands thing instead of clapping, everyone armpit farts their agreements. I think that would be rad.

[via MediaMatters]