One Of The Hoverboards From ‘Back To The Future II’ Is Going Up For Auction

It has basically become an annual tradition for some sort of story about the Hoverboard from Back to the Future II being available for purchase. Two years ago, people were able to order replicas of the next-generation skateboards for the purpose of showing it to people and saying, “Now, imagine that this can hover.” Then there was the Funny or Die prank video that tried to make us believe that a company had actually developed a hoverboard that would soon be available for sale worldwide, despite the fact that most of us smelled “FAKE” all over that mean video.

On October 1, two weeks (and one year) before the actual date that Marty McFly arrives in the future for the first time, a hoverboard will be on sale in an auction at the Westfield shopping center’s Vue Cinema. While this one doesn’t actually fly – is science doing anything for mankind at this point? – it is an actual board that Michael J. Fox used in the movie. The asking price? Anywhere between $17,000 and $25,000, according to Radio Times. Additional items will be available in the auction, but who would rather have a set jacket from The Phantom Menace when you can own a hoverboard? Plus, it’s a hell of a bargain, seeing as the last time a hoverboard from Back to the Future II was auctioned off, it went for more than $50,000.

Still, I don’t get what the big deal about a stupid pink hoverboard is. Call me when the mother*cking Pit Bull is available for sale.