Paramount wants Attack the Block director Joe Cornish for Star Trek 3

Today in Good Directors Doing Bad Projects news, according to a new report on Deadline, Paramount and Skydance Productions are “sweet on” Attack the Block director Joe Cornish to direct Star Trek 3. Trek 1 and 2 director JJ Abrams dropped out, being that he’s too busy working on Star Wars 7: Jar-Jar’s Revenge, and now it seems Cornish is the studio’s choice of heir apparent. No word yet on whether Cornish will be a game hen for the job. (Get it? Cornish? Game hen? F*ck you).

I’m hearing the studio is sweet on Joe Cornish to direct the next film. Cornish made his feature directorial debut on Attack The Block, the saga of a group of British youths who stave off an alien invasion in their rough neighborhood.

Cornish followed by being one of the writers on The Adventures Of Tin Tin, and he and Edgar Wright wrote the script for Ant-Man, the Marvel Studios film that Wright is going to direct.

Cornish already working with Paramount on the novel adaptation Snow Crash which he’s prepping to present to the studio. [Deadline]

With Attack the Block, Cornish proved he could take a concept that in other hands, would’ve been another lame homage to 80s Spielberg (so, Super 8, basically) and actually make it compelling. Turns out, being able to make a solid movie with a concept that seems warmed over is exactly the skill set Paramount is looking for in a Star Trek 3 director. Makes sense, right? I’d rather see Cornish do a non-sequel-to-the-reboot-of-a-film-series-based-on-a-TV-show, but for the people planning Star Trek 3, he seems like a perfect choice. Especially if he makes sure it has lots of sweet Gumby haircuts (aka the sideways brohawk). That’s key.

Believe it, bruv. Trust.