Paranormal Activity 3 Has A Trailer

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07.21.11 12 Comments

Paramount has made a third installment of its Paranormal Activity franchise, and I can only imagine executives making space for more giant bags of cash because people love these cheap thrill movies. I guess as we bid farewell to the Saw torture porn franchise and the elementary plots of the Final Destination films, the throne was open for the taking. And we can’t really knock Paramount for making another, since the first installment was made for just $15,000 and raked in more than $193 million worldwide. Hell, Paranormal Activity 2 cost $3 million to make and grossed $176 million, so they must have at least 5 more of these green lit.

But how many movies can they make before the family members finally say, “Screw it” and give up the damn kid? It’s bad enough that in the first film they stayed in the house as long as they did. I know it’s an old joke, but the second that door slightly moves on the third day of the first film, I’m moving. I’m three states away by the end of the first week. And if the demon keeps following us because he wants the kid? Fine, take it, we’ll make another one. End of film.

(Via Vulture)

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