Part 3 of ‘GET OUT YOUR F**KIN CHECKBOOK’ coming to DVD

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04.28.11 3 Comments

If you like nunchuks, medieval speed metal, and dead burnt lesbians (and who doesn’t?), chances are you’re a fan of our friend made a longer video, Cars 3, which was screened at an event hosted by Patton Oswalt a few years back (can you feel my palpable jealousy?), but outside of that, no one’s seen it.  Well it musht be our lucky day, because now Cars 3 is being released on DVD as part of a longer Troma compilation.  Hacker gave the scoop to Scott Wampler over at the Examiner, because apparently us going to strip clubs together means nothing to him.

I just sold a new cut of the film to TROMA along with a bunch of other shorts for a DVD to be released in AUG.

Pixar also optioned the franchise a few years back, but it seems they turned it into this weird thing with Larry the Cable Guy playing a dump truck, and I was all, “Hey, where’s all the swearing and stuffed clowns who want to touch my privates?”  It was confusing, to say the least.  Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as we learn more information, but I just wanted to give you the heads up so you can start saving.  Knowing DVDs, it’ll probably be at least ten bucks.

Cars 2

Trailer for Cars 3

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