Patton Oswalt Is The War Pups’ Warm-Up Comic In This ‘Deleted Scene’ From ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

One of the first people I thought of upon seeing Mad Max: Fury Road (my review) was Patton Oswalt, who not only predated the choose-your-own-Mad-Max-name trend by years (in his famous “who wants to buttf*ck Sadboy” bit), but even beat Tom Hardy to co-starring with Charlize Theron (in Young Adult). That he wasn’t in Fury Road seemed almost like a deliberate diss. Maybe he couldn’t do an Australian accent?

Turns out, he was in it, but got cut. Last night on Conan, Patton brought a clip of his deleted scene, in which he plays the The Doof Warrior‘s contemporary, the War Pups’ comedian. Because what’s a raid without a warm up comic?

“Hey, I just flew in from the swamp of the crow men and boy are my stumps tired. Haha, thank you, Wasteland, you’ve been great! Enjoy the raid, don’t forget to tip your sex slaves and concubines. Can I get a round of ululations for the all the imprisoned jesters you’ve generously allowed to live tonight? By my jokes I honor him, V8!”