Patton Oswalt’s ‘Indie-Izer’ Creates Indie Versions Of Blockbuster Films

The gang at 5-Second Films/Uproxx Video has a doozy of a new video out, starring our favorite, Patton Oswalt. Patton’s hosting the Independent Spirit Awards this Saturday night on IFC, and if anything could get me to watch two awards shows in the same week, it’s Patton. To promote it, Mr. Oswalt shot this video featuring “The Indie-Izer,” a magical device that turns Blockbusters into indie films, starring our very own Uproxx Video crew. “It takes any big budget, crowd-pleasing Hollywood blockbuster, and turns it into a micro budgeted, mumblecore digital download,” Patton says.

Well, I say “our very own Uproxx Video,” but it’s not like *I* got to hang out with Patton Oswalt all day. Anyway, they’ve created seven indie versions of 2013 blockbusters, and we’ve got the first three. What will be the next victim?? I enjoyed that they included an indie version of Johnny Depp’s Tonto, from Lone Ranger, but I believe Indie Tonto was already portrayed by Sean Penn in 2011’s This Must Be The Place.

Tune in to the Independent Spirit Awards this Saturday, for even more jokes about This Must Be The Place.