Peter Berg Is Producing A Feature-Length Documentary About Rihanna

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After saddling her with some sweet dialogue about fried chicken and how her daddy always tole her the aliens was gon’ come in Battleship, Peter “Join The Army, Motherf*cker” Berg is trying to make things right by making Rihanna the star of a feature-length documentary. I’ll say this: I once saw Rihanna at a premiere party full of movie stars, and she was the only one who made people turn and stare.

Filmmaker Peter Berg (Lone Survivor), principal of film/TV production company Film 44, has launched a new production company, Film 45, focused on non-scripted and branded entertainment for film, TV and other platforms. Film 45 formalizes a partnership between Berg and TV/documentary producer Matthew Goldberg (CNN’s The Sixties), who have been working together on Berg’s HBO Sports series On Freddie Roach and State Of Play. Goldberg serves as President of Film 45, which is based in Santa Monica.

One of the first projects that Film 45 will produce is a theatrical feature documentary about music superstar Rihanna, which Berg will direct. A contemporary take on the 1967 Bob Dylan rock doc Don’t Look Back, the film is described as an “unfiltered look into Rihanna’s life and how she’s ascended to become a global icon.” [Deadline]

Did they just compare an as-yet-to-be-made documentary about Rihanna to Don’t Look Back? They sure did. The film doesn’t appear to have a title yet, and I can’t decide between Don’t Twerk Back and A Case Of Butt Whippin’.

Serious: Why hasn’t anyone pitched a Great White Hype spinoff about Irish Terry Conklin? I’d watch that.