Peter Jackson’s 1st Hobbit video blog is more fun if you’re immature

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04.14.11 21 Comments

Peter Jackson just posted a 10-minute video blog from the set of The Hobbit, and now half the people on my Facebook news feed are like, “OMG, I have chills!”, “EEEE! I can’t wait!”, and “ROFLMAO HobbItZ R Mai Lyfe smh TTfn RIPLiLsmoovie~~SKEETSKEET.”

I’ll admit that I don’t share everyone else’s sick fascination with these verbose, homoerotic midgets, but even I have to admit, the behind-the-scenes stuff is cool.  And The Hobbit was far and away the least boring book of the series, so who knows?  Maybe this one won’t be like watching two awkward gay guys not screw. At the very least, it’s neat to see the elaborate sets and costumes before WETA hate-f*cks them with glowy CGI and magical falling elf leaves.

There’s also about a thousand immature double entendres to giggle at.  Besides the obvious, where Bilbo Baggins lives in “Bag End”, my favorite was “This is where we’re going to be shooting.  It’s the Goblin Tunnel under the Misty Mountains.”  [3:47]  HEE HEE, and may I add HEEEEEE! MY ELVES DEMAND ENTRANCE TO YOUR GOBLIN TUNNEL, ENT WENCH! YOUR MISTY MOUNTAINS HAVE THEM MOST AGITATED! Me, sometimes I enter the goblin tunnel a few times, but still end up shooting on the mountains. It’s fun to switch it up.

[here’s the High Def version from Peter Jackson’s Facebook page]

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