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Pod Yourself The Wire

From the makers of Pod Yourself A Gun, the only The Sopranos podcast, now comes Pod Yourself The Wire, a new podcast about HBO’s Baltimore crime drama The Wire. Hosts Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini welcome the pod’s first guest, comedian, producer of the pod, handsome stud, and writer of these episode descriptions, Brent Flyberg, to talk about the premiere episode of The Wire, “The Target.”

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Welcome to Baltimore, bitch. Or as the locals call it, Balmur. In this first episode, we meet so many characters (Poot, Bubs, Herc, Bunk, etc, Snot Boogie, etc.), see many different municipal buildings, and are introduced to a lot of Balmer cop lingo. If this is your first time, don’t worry about learning everything just yet. “Drinking out of the fire hose” was a phrase they threw around at my last job when describing their new hire training process. They threw a bunch of names, stats, email addresses, divisions, and processes at every new person and were like, retain what you can – some of this will make sense later. That’s you watching this episode. Relax and open up for The Wire hose.

Matt, Vince, and I are here to help you answer questions like: Who are any of these people? What are they doing? Why do they say their Os weird? What is a grape Nehi? And most importantly, which actor has the truest-to-life outdated civil servant hairdo?

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