Early Access: Pod Yourself A Gun Season One Finale, With David J. Roth

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“By the time you’re on your fourth or fifth show it will be a full zoo crew situation.” -David J. Roth

Taint and the Beav, aka Matt and Vince, welcome writer, podcaster, Defector co-founder, and unofficial Pod Yourself a Fourth Member, David J. Roth, for a morning-zoo-crew-influenced edition Pod Yourself The Wire. Matt fires up the soundboard as the three break down The Wire’s first season finale, “Sentencing.”

There are many reasons David keeps getting invited to do the podcast, not the least of which is his ability to remember weird old guys that may have slipped from the cultural consciousness. Today, he reminds us of The Greaseman, a former radio personality who, according to his Wikipedia page, lost his position as a volunteer deputy sheriff in Falls Church, Virginia after saying a really racist thing on the radio, and is possibly the person responsible for popularizing the phrase, “who’s your daddy?”

Because even The Greaseman contains multitudes. David also has funny, insightful things to say about this episode of The Wire, but you knew that already. You didn’t know who the daddy of “who’s your daddy?” was until right now, so thank David.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg