Pod Yourself The Wire Episode Six, ‘The Wire’ With Adrian McNair

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“D’Angelo would for sure be an Andrew Tate fan.” -Adrian Mcnair

If you’re within five miles of the Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles, you may have seen today’s guest on any of the dating apps, but today you can hear comedian and television writer Adrian McNair talk to Matt and Vince to talk about The Wire season one episode six, “The Wire.”

Discussing the titular episode of the series, we learn that Vince sometimes fantasizes about being a cop. Not because of the power, status, or license to drive drunk, but because they seem like they’re bros who look out for each other. Imagine showing up to work as bombed as Auggie Polk does. Are your coworkers going to cover your ass like McNulty and Kima do? And you get a gun? At this point no one expects police to do any actual good in the world, so if you do even the bare minimum you would get worshiped like a hero and huh okay maybe this show is copaganda in that it makes joining the force look more and more appealing every episode.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg