Are These the Vehicles from the Tom Hardy Mad Max Reboot?

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09.21.11 12 Comments

There’ve been rumblings about George Miller making a Mad Max sequel /prequel/whatever going back almost three years, when it was originally conceived as a 3D animated feature. Since then, there have been so many rumors, counter-rumors, and delays, that I just started ignoring it, figuring it would be like one of those movies that everyone talks about that never happen, like Arrested Development or Justice League. But as recently as last month, Tom Hardy was telling Collider that he’s still attached to star (as the new Mad Max) alongside Charlize Theron, and that filming was set to begin in April.

Then a few days ago, someone uploaded these new pictures — one of what looks like an old Mercedes body on top of a semi-truck chassis, the other of a dune buggy-looking thing — to a Mad Max message board, writing:

On the 19th Sept 2011, I pulled into the Little Topar Road House which is between Wilcannia and Broken Hill to partaking in some refreshments.
There were 2 semies with vehicles on board, one of the tarps was torn.
I thought it was a Monster Truck of some sought
I asked the truckie what they were for and he said
Vehcles for the Mad Max 4 Movie, they were transporting them back to Sydney. They were apparently going to be taken to South Africa for filming as the area around Broken Hill was to green.
So I grabed the camara and some pics before they took off

Excuse the spelling and grammar, but the photographer appears to have been some Australian borderline illiterate a lá Chopper. “Yeh, Oy call a truck drivah a ‘truckie,’ a fella in a taxi a ‘cabo,’ and a bloke on foot a ‘thongwobblah.’ Whoy, what language didja think Oy was speakin’, mate?”

Anyway, I’m torn. A George Miller-directed Mad Max reboot sounds pretty horrible, but Tom Hardy is an inarguable badass. Get Peter Dinklage on board as some kind of side kick and it would have to be amazing.

[ via Collider]

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